Burial Vaults

It is a proven fact that the use of burial vaults reduces cemetery maintenance costs. We can provide all cemeteries with a superior, permanent burial vault product which greatly improves profit lines.

Here are a few important points to consider in your evaluation of burial vaults:

  • All of ECL’s burial vaults have a 100 Year Full Replacement Warranty
  • Reduced Transportation Costs – ECL Fiberglass burial vaults are lightweight and stackable
  • Stackability – 7 burial vaults per skid requires less storage room
  • Aesthetically Appealing – Our burial vaults can be proudly displayed
  • Sealability – The Elite, Excel and Econo burial vault models can each be fitted with a butyl seal. The dome is a continuous unit without any holes, therefore nature’s principle of entrapped air provides a dual sealing system.
  • Superior Strength – Tensile strength is obtained through design, without the use of wood as a manufacturing material, which could cause problems in future due to deterioration. All of our burial vault models have been independently tested by the University of Saskatchewan College of Engineering to withstand thousands of pounds of top load pressure.Test results are available; call us if you’d like to know more.
  • Reduced Installation Costs – ECL Fiberglass burial vaults are easily installed without the use of heavy equipment, allowing installation crews to move through established grave sites without causing damage.
  • Convenient Handles – Our burial vaults are equipped with functional acrylic handles to facilitate effortless installation.
  • Varied Product Line – Burial vaults can be tailored to any family’s income without sacrificing strength or longevity. Our product line can even accommodate some of the most extreme cemetery conditions, including wet soil and sand.

Burial Vault Product Comparison

ECL Fiberglass
Burial Vaults
Burial Vaults
Burial Vaults
Longevity 100 year warranty LimitedDeteriorate
InstallationCost insignificant. Lift equipment not required. Effortless due to handles Costly. Requires lift equipment. Install crew exposed to potential injuryCost minimal
Transportation Cost minimal. 100 vaults per semi-load Costly. 8 to 10 vaults per semi-loadAverage
Stackable7 fiberglass burial vaults per skid Cannot be stacked -
StorageMinimal space. Unaffected by outdoor storage. 3' x 8' area for 7 vaultsMaximum space. Can be stored outdoors. 3' x 8' area for 1 vaultUnable to store outdoors. 3' x 8' area for 1 vault
SealSealed Unit. Duo seal: entrapped air plus butyl seal Porous. Composite liner extra -
StrengthSuperior strength, independently tested by University of Saskatchewan College of Engineering Metal liner extra -
Aesthetic Appeal Aesthetically appealing --
Product Line Options Varied product line --
Weather Resistance Impervious to weather Decompose over time Deteriorate when exposed

ECL Fiberglass Manufacturing burial vault products by comparison add up to Reduced Cemetery Maintenance and Increased Peace of Mind to the families you serve.